• 2021–04–14 Report on users requirements is published

    Julan, 76 year old, retired, lives independently in a small village in The Netherlands. “I can only use the toilet in my own home. This means when I am out-of-home I have to be helped by someone with a lot of strength to be able to place me on the toilet, et cetera.”. This is […]

  • 2021–02–28 Lift unit prototype

    In the living lab of Technische Universität Wien a first test installation of a T4ME2 prototype was set up in January 2021. This month Santis is finishing the first lift unit prototype for co-designing purposes. TUW has been using a lift unit from former iToilet project until the new lift unit prototype from partner Santis […]

  • 2021–01–20 Device for air quality

    The duration of time that people spend in the toilet and the risk to health posed by indoor air are the most issues that encourage researchers to conduct the study on indoor air. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a terminology of air quality within and around buildings which is pertinent with health and comfort of […]

  • 2021–01–20 Co-design in Belgium

    How to talk about the toilet experience in a respectful way? How the approach to hygiene has changed recently? How much of technology do we need? Such topics emerged during co-designing smart toilet in Belgium. Zorggroep H. Hart, a project partner from Belgium looking for a suitable offer for the elderly and people with a […]

  • 2020–12–03 Stakeholders share their opinion

    Business representatives and public decision-makers are primary customers for the system that will be developed in our project. We are therefore taking their needs into account, as well as any inputs for guidelines and recommendations on how to improve the product. Private or public organisations that are not necessarily in contact with toilet products and services, but somehow contribute to organizing or empowering them. Representatives of sport venues, […]

  • 2020–12–03 Testing in Poland completed

    We have completed the first stage of testing in Poland. 45 people participated in testing the toilet solutions available on the market. Among them, elderly people, people with disabilities and their caregivers. Participants talked about their previous experiences and fears regarding smart solution. They shared specific ideas such as waiting space next to the toilet room or […]

  • 2020–11–19 Ethics Board

    We have a collegiate body, established within our project that aims to ensure that this project will obey ethical and general principles regarding our research. We invited external experts, primary users representatives so people aged over 65 or people with mobility limitation to advise us in ethical aspects. Marnick Donze (on the picture) is the end-users representative invited by the […]

  • 2020–11–08 Testing Starts in the Netherlands

    What are the wishes for supportive smart toilets in the public space? The Dutch team of Golden Days (user partner) and Sanmedi (business partner) has started testing with a kick-off meeting for Toilet For Me Too. The testsite Groenhuysen Rehabilitation Centre has a supportive toilet installed by Sanmedi.  In the coming weeks, clients can test […]

  • 2020–08–30 Be aware!

    We are going to present and test toilet solutions exsiting on the market to plan for the future toilet. The potential users of smart and flexible toilet system need hands-on experience to be able to actively contribute in requirements collection and co-design. This is why we included the awareness raising phase in the current project.

  • 2020–08–30 Online questionnaire

    The Dutch Toilet For Me team is curious about the opinion of Dutch people about the quality and availability of (semi)public disabled toilets in The Netherlands.