We are going to present and test toilet solutions that already exist on the market to develop concepts for the future toilet. Potential users of a smart and flexible toilet system need hands-on experience to be able to actively contribute to defining requirements and to co-design. This is why we included the awareness raising phase in the project.

Research under the Toilet4Me2 project begins with an awareness raising phase with use of existing commercial sanitary products. Earlier research (Toilet4Me-2018/2019) has shown that people are largely unaware of the existing technical possibilities for support (a smart toilet) when using a toilet outside their homes.

We will ask users about their experience with using the test toilet, provided with modern functions, in test locations and about toilets in public spaces. Their input will help us to develop an easy to use smart toilet-system.

In order to collect data for this research, we will use paper, online or interview questionnaires. We will use ranking requirements, in-depth interviews and co-design activities such as workshops and roundtable discussions.

We are preparing our test locations in Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The coronavirus pandemic makes everything more complicated but at the same time allows us to do tests in unique and interesting conditions.

Photo: Mimo wieku