We have a collegiate body, established within our project that aims to ensure that this project will obey ethical and general principles regarding our research. We invited external experts, primary users representatives so people aged over 65 or people with mobility limitation to advise us in ethical aspects.

Marnick Donze (on the picture) is the end-users representative invited by the H-Hart care group to join the ethics committee. It aims to discuss the ethical challenges that may come with the pilots’ implementation. This meeting main goal was to have an open discussion on some of the topics and understand the Board’s views and concerns. The Ethics Board’s will promote that all pilots have the necessary ethical approvals and that all data are protected and anonymized. But it will go further the legal aspects, either within the project but also for the future use of smart toilets, with the aim to promote that autonomy is ensured, and that people will have their dignity protected when and if using the system.