Business representatives and public decision-makers are primary customers for the system that will be developed in our project. We are therefore taking their needs into account, as well as any inputs for guidelines and recommendations on how to improve the product.

Private or public organisations that are not necessarily in contact with toilet products and services, but somehow contribute to organizing or empowering them. Representatives of sport venues, culture and education spaces, public buildings, hotels, restaurants, health and care spaces, non-governmental initiatives were invited to share their opinion. We met for an on-line group discussions.

The video was a didactic and interesting way to show the functionalities of the system. It worked as a teaser for the stakeholders with a funny and appealing introduction. It was followed by a presentation of the main characteristics of the Toilet4me2 system and a part with exemplary scenarios of potential gains that stakeholders may have in the future through the purchase of the product.

Video showing the need of an adapted toilet for different users.

photo credit: PURO Hotel