How to talk about the toilet experience in a respectful way? How the approach to hygiene has changed recently? How much of technology do we need? Such topics emerged during co-designing smart toilet in Belgium.

Zorggroep H. Hart, a project partner from Belgium looking for a suitable offer for the elderly and people with a higher need for support. To find the best solutions, H. Hart invests in innovation and awareness-raising within Toilet for me too project.

Smart toilets were installed in two locations and residents, staff, volunteers and companies from the neighbourhood were interviewed:

– In budakitchen people could test the Closomat 2020. A toilet with shower WC and drying function.

– In the day centre of Pamele, the toilet had a shower and drying function with a diagonal toilet lift. 

Nine different stakeholders were also committed to participate in co-design phase organized by H. Hart. A virtual meeting was meant to inform about the solutions present on the market and to discuss different scenarios for the future.