In the living lab of Technische Universität Wien a first test installation of a T4ME2 prototype was set up in January 2021. This month Santis is finishing the first lift unit prototype for co-designing purposes.

TUW has been using a lift unit from former iToilet project until the new lift unit prototype from partner Santis will be available. It already comprised of all the essential units from user detection by 3D AI based sensor, contactless identification and preference setup to care documentation link and air quality monitoring. A tablet PC can provide usage instructions and feed voice commands into the system. It allowed for studying the planned user interaction with system functions in real time over the background communication network. Within the next weeks a shower seat will also be integrated. 

Meanwhile the project partner Santis is currently finishing the first lift unit prototype which will be delivered to the user partners for co-design purposes. It will be a chair type lift mechanism for easy upgrade of existing toilets.

Other than simple commercial products with only one movement function the T4ME2 lift unit needs to fulfil many more requirements and must be robust and its functions must fully interact with the ICT. It is complex but should be intuitive to use and not too expensive. Luckily we can build on knowhow from iToilet (wall mounted lift unit concept shown).