The Toilet Alliance is a partnership of thirteen civil society organizations that are committed to more public and open, accessible toilets in The Netherlands. 

Toilet For Me The Netherlands (Gouden Dagen and Sanmedi) are active supporters of the Toilet Alliance. Sanitronics is involved as a commercial partner. Together they are working on the mission: to have sufficient public toilets in the Netherlands by 2023. Enough for the 2 million people with a digestive disease, the 1.5 million bladder patients, the elderly, women, day trippers and anyone who occasionally needs a toilet on the way.

People stay at home because they fear not finding a toilet. That can and must be done differently. Together with municipalities, retailers and catering entrepreneurs, the Toilet Alliance wants to ensure that this is properly arranged in the Netherlands.

With their partners they are committed to reach three things at central government:

– The inclusion of the toilet standard (a public or open toilet every 500 meters, centers or busy pedestrian areas, and also plenty of toilets in parks and recreational areas) in the Environment Act;

– Making toilets compulsory in regional trains;

– Introducing a new logo for disabled toilets, because too often chronic sick are sent away because they are not visibly handicapped.