The aim of the Toilet For Me Too project (T4Me2) is to develop a flexible toilet for use in public and semi-public space that can be used autonomously by older and disabled people when going out. The designed toilet is approachable, clean, safe and easy to use.

We are working on a toilet system with ICT-based, adaptive physical stand-up and control support with integrated safety features. It will allow people with movement or mobility restrictions, who currently require human assistance, to use the toilet independently and safely. This is the next step towards barrier-free toilets in public spaces for the disabled and elderly.

Group of people – young, adults, elderly, disabled

Main goals

Number 1

To draw attention to the lack of autonomously accessible toilets for the elderly, disabled and people with other special needs in semi-public spaces (hotels, museums, shopping malls, libraries, etc.).

Number 2

To develop an accessible and easy to use toilet-system with modern functions like stand-up support, adjustable height, built-in shower function and several significant enhancements and services such as voice control, automatic recognition of and adaptation to user preferences when entering the toilet room, detection of potentially dangerous situations (e.g. a fall) and other functionalities (e.g. interfaces, providing guidance to users). The toilet must also stay clean, fresh and meet a high level of robustness.

Toilet sign


The Toilet For Me Too project researches requirements with respect to use and technique in order to meet the needs of the disabled, elderly and their caregivers. The project does this by interviews, demonstrations, tests and workshops as well as conversations with potential suppliers such as hotels, restaurants, day care centers, community centers and shopping malls.

Toilet4me2 is based on the findings of:
– the AAL project iToilet, which developed and field tested ICT-enhanced motorised tilt and stand-up support toilets, able to adapt themselves to the individual needs and preferences of the older person using the toilet at home,
– the AAL project Toilet4Me which established the need for advanced supportive toilets also in semi-public spaces.

The main idea of Toilet For Me Too is simple yet challenging. iToilet already demonstrated the benefits for supporting persons during toilet use at home. Toilet For Me Too wants to explore a totally new way of offering this type of supportive toilets in places outside one’s own home to empower more people to go out without having to depend on others.


Coordinator: TU Wien, Institute 193, HCI Group (Austria)
Contact: Inst.193-05/HCI TU Wien