After three years of intensive work together with potential users and stakeholders, the cooperative project “Toilet For Me” was successfully completed. The business partners have worked out several exploitation routes and are working on first commercial products despite a difficult market situation. We would like to thank all contributors and all national and EU funding […]


    After more than 5000 logged toilet visits and interviews with users and stakeholders the results of the field tests are now available. The prototypes worked reliably. More than half of the users (58,8 %) who filled the PT2 survey indicate that they would go out more often when a Toilet For Me system was available in their […]

  • 2023–02–06 FIELD TESTS DONE

    Testing of the final T4ME2 prototypes of the toilet in Belgium and Poland and a comparative test of a commercial device in The Netherlands have just been finished. Results are now evaluated after real-life usage for some months by 143 users and demonstrations to stakeholders.


    A minimized T4ME2 setup consisting of a new affordable lift device from Santis together with the safety sensor from Cogvis and optionally a shower seat has been developed. It already combines physical support with hygiene and safety and offers an upgrade to basic automation at moderate costs. Different combinations of such ready-to-market products (like used […]

  • 2022–11–04 Workshop in Gdańsk

    Interesting discussion and series of questions followed panelists’ presentations during our workshop at AAL Forum 2022 in Gdańsk. European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing was a great occasion to share our experience from the project. The main focus of the workshop was the availability of public toilets for the elderly and people with reduced […]

  • 2022–11–03 Project stand at the AAL Forum

    We had a chance to present the project and share our experience during AAL Forum i Gdańsk. European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing brought people focused on aging society. The team from TU Wien and Cogvis was very busy with having many conversation and answering questions.

  • 2022–10–12 Test it! For real

    Can I really use it? – one lady asked with excitement entering Śródmieście Cultural Center in Warsaw. People waited several weeks for the installation of the toilet prototype to be completed. And here it is! Testing of the final prototype of the toilet has just started in Poland. More than 60 regular guests and clients […]

  • 2022–08–03 Smart toiler at Pamele

    Here we call it our Japanese toilet. For us it is exciting. Thanks to the project Toilet For Me, Care group H.Hart placed a smart toilet in the Pamele day care centre in Kortrijk. This is what residents say about this smart toilet: “We got to know this toilet by trying. After using a toilet […]

  • 2022–06–14 Dutch prototype testsite

    For the trial of the second Toilet For Me prototype, Dutch consortium partners Gouden Dagen and Sanmedi have entered into a partnership with the Waterrijck location, part of Viva Zorggroep. This partnership is very valuable for the project while the location will test the prototype toilet in their daycare facility. Here elderly from inside the […]

  • 2022–06–13 CareTech Congres

    We present and perform at important events related to accessibility, health issues and the aging society. This time it was a technology congress. The CareTech Congress was held in Zeist, The Netherlands on 17 May 2022. The theme: Exchange of experiences with care technology in elderly care and care for people with disabilities. The Dutch […]

  • 2022–06–08 Preparing final prototype

    The prototype of the toilet system is almost ready. The team from Hungarian partner Santis visited TU Wien laboratory to discuss the production of the final prototype of our toilet. It is planned that 3 units will be manufactured by Santis for real world evaluation at our test sites in Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium. […]

  • 2022–06–02 Interview with Golden Days director

    Interview with Liesbeth Gaasbeek, the director of Golden Days, one of the “Toilet for me too” consortium members. Why is Gouden Dagen partner in the European project Toilet For Me? If there is no suitable toilet on the way, people will stay at home. For the elderly, it is very important to undertake activities outside […]

  • 2022–06–01 Buda toilet at HogeNood

    The shower-toilet in Buda Kitchen at 30 Buda Street in Kortrijk, Belgium is a first step in developing that type of smart toilet in the location. The first experiences of visitors have been positive. And with HogeNood, the largest and best toilets database in the Netherlands and Belgium, finding a toilet happens quickly and easily. […]

  • 2022–05–04 Living lab

    Up and down, tilted at various angles, activated and passive mode! This is how we interact with the latest version of our toilet. Preparations for testing the prototype of the toilet in semi-public spaces are in progress. More meetings are behind us. On April we met in Vienna in the living lab at TU Wien […]

  • 2022–04–20 Project meeting in NL

    In march 2022 SANITRONICS  and Sanmedi B.V. hosted all partners of the Toilet For Me Too (T4ME2) project, to talk about further developments for the coming year. The T4ME2 project is intended to develop a flexible toilet for use in the (semi-)public space that can be used autonomously by older and disabled people when going out. The toilet is […]

  • 2022–01–20 Visualize

    Here’s how you can imagine the smart toilet we are developing together with the additional functions we may think of. But this is just an example. >>Click >> yourself #imagine #futuretoilet #toiletforme

  • 2021–12–09 First prototype tested!

    ‘If the theater has such a smart toilet, then I can go there again’.  That is why we are working on with the Toilet For Me project! Belgian, Dutch and Polish teams tested the first prototype of a toilet system. Our findings relate primarily to safety and comfort of users as well as ergonomics, usability and legibility […]

  • 2021–11–17 Presentation at EWAHA

    The T4ME2 project was presented at the AAL Forum, which this year was part of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing (EWAHA) from October 18-21, 2021.  Contacts were made with several interested parties, which are very promising, in order to intensify the cooperation with other projects and to support the commercialisation of the […]

  • 2021–11–04 The Netherlands joins Toilet Alliance

    The Toilet Alliance is a partnership of thirteen civil society organizations that are committed to more public and open, accessible toilets in The Netherlands.  Toilet For Me The Netherlands (Gouden Dagen and Sanmedi) are active supporters of the Toilet Alliance. Sanitronics is involved as a commercial partner. Together they are working on the mission: to have […]

  • 2021–10–15 Remote control co-designed

    “Touch it, try to press. Guess what it is. And how it could look like”. The co-designing of the remote control took place in three different locations to improve an important part of the smart accessible toilet. Previous research has shown that the user-friendliness of remote controls is still not up to standard. So we […]

  • 2021–09–01 Preparing user tests

    After successful integration and testing in the Living Lab of TUW three prototype units have been manufactured and are now going to our test sites in Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Testing of the first T4ME2 prototype will take place in fall 2021. The first unit has already arrived at Sanmedi’s showroom (see photo below). […]

  • 2021–07–02 Update of T4ME2 Prototype

    The new lift unit delivered by partner Santis now has been integrated in the test installation of the T4ME2 prototype located in the Living Lab of TUW. The new lift unit is much more robust and therefore enables semi-public use. Equipped with 2 motors, it is able to change height and tilt independently of each […]

  • 2021–06–23 Presentation at Smarter Lives

    The T4ME2 project consortium participated in the Smarter Lives conference. A virtual booth demonstrated the preliminary user requirements and the upcoming prototype system.  On June 16, 2021 the T4ME2 project and the Prototype 1 system were presented at the Smarter Lives conference (https://www.smarter-lives.eu/) which took place as a virtual event with various visitors from Austria, […]

  • 2021–04–14 Report on users requirements is published

    Julan, 76 year old, retired, lives independently in a small village in The Netherlands. “I can only use the toilet in my own home. This means when I am out-of-home I have to be helped by someone with a lot of strength to be able to place me on the toilet, et cetera.”. This is […]

  • 2021–02–28 Lift unit prototype

    In the living lab of Technische Universität Wien a first test installation of a T4ME2 prototype was set up in January 2021. This month Santis is finishing the first lift unit prototype for co-designing purposes. TUW has been using a lift unit from former iToilet project until the new lift unit prototype from partner Santis […]

  • 2021–01–20 Device for air quality

    The duration of time that people spend in the toilet and the risk to health posed by indoor air are the most issues that encourage researchers to conduct the study on indoor air. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a terminology of air quality within and around buildings which is pertinent with health and comfort of […]

  • 2021–01–20 Co-design in Belgium

    How to talk about the toilet experience in a respectful way? How the approach to hygiene has changed recently? How much of technology do we need? Such topics emerged during co-designing smart toilet in Belgium. Zorggroep H. Hart, a project partner from Belgium looking for a suitable offer for the elderly and people with a […]

  • 2020–12–03 Stakeholders share their opinion

    Business representatives and public decision-makers are primary customers for the system that will be developed in our project. We are therefore taking their needs into account, as well as any inputs for guidelines and recommendations on how to improve the product. Private or public organisations that are not necessarily in contact with toilet products and services, but somehow contribute to organizing or empowering them. Representatives of sport venues, […]

  • 2020–12–03 Testing in Poland completed

    We have completed the first stage of testing in Poland. 45 people participated in testing the toilet solutions available on the market. Among them, elderly people, people with disabilities and their caregivers. Participants talked about their previous experiences and fears regarding smart solution. They shared specific ideas such as waiting space next to the toilet room or […]

  • 2020–11–19 Ethics Board

    We have a collegiate body, established within our project that aims to ensure that this project will obey ethical and general principles regarding our research. We invited external experts, primary users representatives so people aged over 65 or people with mobility limitation to advise us in ethical aspects. Marnick Donze (on the picture) is the end-users representative invited by the […]

  • 2020–11–08 Testing Starts in the Netherlands

    What are the wishes for supportive smart toilets in the public space? The Dutch team of Golden Days (user partner) and Sanmedi (business partner) has started testing with a kick-off meeting for Toilet For Me Too. The testsite Groenhuysen Rehabilitation Centre has a supportive toilet installed by Sanmedi.  In the coming weeks, clients can test […]

  • 2020–08–30 Be aware!

    We are going to present and test toilet solutions exsiting on the market to plan for the future toilet. The potential users of smart and flexible toilet system need hands-on experience to be able to actively contribute in requirements collection and co-design. This is why we included the awareness raising phase in the current project.

  • 2020–08–30 Online questionnaire

    The Dutch Toilet For Me team is curious about the opinion of Dutch people about the quality and availability of (semi)public disabled toilets in The Netherlands.