A consortium of European partners with different expertises cooperated to reach the goals of Toilet For Me Too.

Technische Universität Wien

TUW is the largest technical university of Austria. This project is affiliated with the HCI Group at the Institute for Visual Computing and Human-centered Technology of TUW. The group is highly interdisciplinary, with members representing a variety of disciplinary backgrounds including computer science, design, engineering, medical informatics, sociology, and ethics, applying cutting-edge methodology and theory in social interaction and collaboration; healthcare; well-being and behaviour change; technology design for “quality-of-life” in domestic environments, and for older people and children. TUW was coordinating partner of the iToilet andToilet4me projects.

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CareCenter Software GmbH

CareCenter Software GmbH is specialized in developing software solutions for companies and organizations in the area of geriatric care, care for handicapped persons, rehabilitation and specialist clinics, for more than 25 years. The CareCenter team includes highly qualified software architects and developers as well as nursing staff. With more than 300 installations in Austria, CareCenter is market leader for care and documentation software. To continuously extend the field of operation, CareCenter works together with research centers (Universities, colleges of higher education) as well as national and international organization like IHE. CareCenter is business partner in various RDI projects, for example iToilet. CareCenter is very interested to extend the attained knowledge to the semi-public institutional area.

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Stichting Gouden Dagen

Golden Days is a charity foundation for the elderly in the Netherlands with a network of care homes for elderly. Their mission is to combat growing loneliness amongst the elderly and increase the independence and quality of life of frail elderly. 

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Zorggroep H. Hart

Holy Heart is a care group in Kortrijk, Belgium strives for a suitable offer for the elderly and people with a higher need for support. In order to make this offer possible, HH invests in innovation and awareness of what is already on the market. All this with a view to promoting independence.

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BEIA Consult International

BEIA – is a SME in Bucharest, Romania, and has experience in coordinating and participating in more than 40 R&D and Innovation projects (www.beiaro.eu). BEIA has implemented and integrated IoT telemetry applications in the field of smart city (noise, air quality, mobility), agriculture, telemetry and e-health (tele-diagnosis of diabetes, emergency communication systems for patients, nurses and doctors).

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On Site Foundation

On Site Foundation is an NGO based in Warsaw, Poland. The goal of the foundation is to develop and strengthen local communities by creating liveable public spaces. OSF specialized in building places and solutions dedicated to the elderly. Foundation’s priority is to increase mobility and promote ageing in the place of residence. The Foundation is a member of the EIP network – European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Aging and of Placemaking Leadership Council run by Project for Public Spaces.

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Sanmedi bv is a SME in Uitgeest, Netherlands, offering sanitary solutions for customers to live at home independently and allow for safety, hygiene, functionality and comfort for people with physical disabilities and/or elderly. Sanmedi operates from a showroom.

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Cogvis Software und Consulting GmbH

Cogvis GmbH was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) by Dr. Martin Kampel and DI Michael Brandstötter. Their expertise in the analysis of images, videos and 3D data is based on many years of research in the fields of computer vision, machine/deep learning, artificial intelligence and 3D data processing. This also includes regular co- operations with renowned research institutes and leading industrial companies at home and abroad, e.g. TU Wien, ETH Zurich and Toyota Motor Corporation. Cogvis developed the AAL solution fearless, an intelligent, contactless fall sensor as simple to mount as a lamp.

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Sanitronics International B.V.

Sanitronics International has years of experience in designing and producing automatic public toilet systems. They produce a revolutionary, self-cleaning, toilet system for the public environment. With a quick turnaround time, every visitor is able to experience a toilet that will be clean on the inside and out.

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Santis Kft.

Santis Kft. with its premises in Debrecen (HU) was founded in 2005 in order to secure and exploit earlier research into toilets usable for older people. Santis became the market leader and holds patents and other IPR certificates. Santis concentrates on development, prototyping and small production batches, serial production is achieved through cooperation partners and marketing by resellers.

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